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The Archaeological Museum on Humac have the legacy of the earliest institution of this type in BiH, founded in 1884., unfortunately, during its rich history, the Museum was closed several times due to war, economic and other problems. Such inconveniences, and a general lethargy in relation to their own cultural and historical heritage whose traces are unequivocally manifesting everywhere on the territory of BiH, ultimately result in stagnation, inactivity and even decay of significant cultural institutions.

In order to prevent such a process, the local government of Ljubuški determines the custodian, J.P. Parkovi d.o.o. Ljubuški, so that the museum from the position of the archaic passive guardian has become an important participant in all activities for the valorisation of cultural heritage.For the first time in history, the Museum has an official and daily working time with expert staff. Thanks to archaeological research during the year 2017. on the wide area of Ljubuški region, this Museum, after long inactivity, restores its fundus. There is also decorative complex that belongs to the monastery or the space for the exhibition of stone monuments.

Working hours ?
The museum is open to visitors every day from 1 October to 31 March working hours from 10 to 17h, or from 1 April to 30 September with a slightly longer working time from 10 to 19h.

Yes. You can buy them as an individual ticket for the Museum on Humac at the price of 2 BAM (for the period from 1.1. - 15. 6. / 15. 9. - 31. 12.) or 4 BAM during the summer season (for the period from 15. 6. - 15. 9.), or in the locality of the waterfall Kravica in a joined ticket package.

What's exposed in the museum?
The museum presents objects collected in the wider area of Herzegovina, chronologically belonging to the period from the upper Paleolithic to the late Middle Ages, in a time span of almost 16,000 years.The largest collection of finds consists of objects from the nearby Roman military camp in Gračine, which was investigated in the period from 1977 to 1980. year. The Museum is also exhibited "Humac plate" (Humačka ploča) which is dated from the period from 10th to 12th century, and represents the oldest written track of Croatian language in today's Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Number of visits per year?
Number of museum visits per yearThe museum at Humac in 2017., including schoolchildren, local population and tourists, is a little more than 5000 visitors.

Night of the museum?
For the second consecutive year, we participate in the event "Museum Night" organized by the Croatian Museum Society. The museum is open to anyone interested for a free visit from 10am to midnight. Additional events are being maked and other cultural activities.

Plans for 2018.?
Active participation and application on funds from resourcing ministries for reconstruction of collection, as well as partnership on EU projects.Intensive work is being made on connecting with various institutions, agencies, communities, and individuals so that the number of visitors during the current year will be significantly improved.