Welcome to the oldest museum in BiH

The Franciscan Monastery of St. Ante Padovan on Humac is the oldest museum in BiH, founded in 1884. Here is also the Humačka ploča(Humac plate) from XII. century, the oldest preserved monument written in Croatian (a mixture of Glagolitic and Old Croatian cyrillic also caled bosančica) on the territory of today's Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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About the museum

The idea of museum formation appeared in the mid-19th century in the circle of Herzegovinian Franciscans. Studying at the Italian and Austrian universities at that time and sightseeing of the museums where they could see and a few exhibits from their homeland, on the one hand, and the recognition of the great illumination and the lack of schools and cultural institutions, were the idea of establishing such an institution and us.

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For visitors

Useful information about the Humac Museum, such as: working hours, tickets, what can be seen ...

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The prehistoric era was presented with a modest number of accidental finds on various prehistoric sites in the Herzegovina area. But despite its modesty, exposed objects still cover almost all periods of prehistory, and the most numerous are those belonging to the youngest prehistoric periods: the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

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Delmats, Ardijejs, Daors and other nacions who inhabited the area of Herzegovina at the end of the prehistoric period met with antique civilization when Greeks, during the 4th century AD, when they have founded the cities of Issus and Pharos on the islands of Vis and Hvar.  

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Middle Ages

Today's territory of Herzegovina in the Middle Ages (VII - XV century) belonged to two state communities: a well-known state from the early Middle Ages to Humska and Paganija (Land of Neretva). This last, in the first centuries of the Middle Ages, also spread to the Ljubuski region. Lower political-administrative units were parishes.

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